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Helle Brunvoll has been exhibiting professionally for over 20 years. She uses several artistic tools - with an emphasis on painting. Her greatest artistic inspiration is nature, and in her own words: "You can discover a whole universe in your own back garden! All you need is to be sensitive enough to spot it."

Helle's 2009 debut as a jazz vocalist took everyone by surprise with the critically acclaimed album "In Your House". The album featured original compositions by guitarist / composer Halvard Kausland. The music is based in the classic jazz tradition and jazz vocal legends such as Blossom Dearie, Shirley Horn, Monica Zetterlund and Karin Krog. On the next album, "Your Song", Helle also made her debut as a composer. Go to the discography and check out the song "The Apple Tree".

"Why do I share my time between music and the visual arts? Simply because these art forms complement each other. It's all about creating images - both visually and musically."

Helle is a member of:

NBK - Norske Billedkunstnere
LNM - Landsforeningen Norske Malere
NJ - Norsk Jazzforum


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    In Our House

    Helle Brunvoll / Halvard Kausland

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    Your Song

    Helle Brunvoll / Halvard Kausland Trio

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    Helle Brunvoll / Halvard Kausland










Helle Brunvoll

(+47) 922 14 089     helle_brunvoll@yahoo.no



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